Welcome to my Website on my 3 favorite things

Desinged and created by Lauchlan McBeth tawa college 9DIT

Here are my 3 favorite things:

  1. Gaming
  2. Anime
  3. World War 2 History

My first favorite thing: Gaming

My first favorite thing is gaming. When I turn 10 years old me and my Dad started playing a game called world of tanks. We played for many hours and made many advancements aswell as playing many games with and against many different people. This brought me into the world of gaming and after that I played many different types of games for many more hours.

Gaming site

My second favorite thing: Anime

Anime site

My third favorite thing: World War 2 History

My interest of world war 2 came from my father playing war games. Every second saturday my father and I would go out to a war games he mostly played flames of war wich is a miniture game were you have units for models. Flames of war was set in world war 2 which sparked my interest in its history.

World War 2 History site